A Good Command of English is the Gateway to Success”

全面針對Junior Form及DSE英文需要

Exams are different from mere communication. A good understanding of the exam framework is vital to boosting your exam performance.




CK not only enriches students' vocabulary, but also emphasises the importance of appropriate use of language.

Appropriate use limits not only to formality, but also tone, register, genre,  and contexts.

CK|English Tutoring|獨家英語教材


UG02 SOHO West Golden League Building 76 Castle Peak Road Sham Shui Po Kowloon

(Sham Shui Po Exit D2; Shek Kip Mei MTR Exit A)


九龍深水埗青山道76號 西九商務中心127 (深水埗D2出口/石硤尾A出口) 

Tel: (852) 5591 6366

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