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About the Chief Tutor-CK


CK has been teaching English since his university studies. 

After obtaining his Bachelor degree from the Chinese University of Hong Kong, he has been teaching full-time. He acquired a Postgraduate Certificate in Translation from University of Hong Kong School of Professional Continuing Education. In December 2022, he will also start pursuing a Postgraduate Diploma in Laws at University of London, which will eventually enable him to acquire an LLM. 

CK also runs one YouTube channel on HKDSE English. 


His students come from all range of school backgrounds, which enables him to tailor classes for students of different backgrounds. He also provides translation services and offers classes for Adult learners. 

Academic Qualifications: 

PG Cert. Translation (HKU SPACE)

BSSc. (Hons, CUHK)

LPAT (Language Proficiency Assessment for Teachers, Paper 1-3 Attempted and Attained);

HKDSE English 5**; IELTS 8.0/9.0; HKCEE 7A2B


CK具有10年全職教學經驗,擁有香港中文大學 社會科學學士、香港大學持續進修學院 翻譯深造證書,並將於2022年12月於倫敦大學 (University of London)修讀PG Dip. Laws (法律深造文憑),完成後將繼續進修以獲得法律碩士 (LLM)



-2012-2022 於石硤尾/深水埗/旺角經營自設教學點CK Education,堅持1-4人小班教學,累積教授超過300名學生 (只計算持續補習最少1學年學生)

-2015-2019 統籌多間中學到校課程,包括: 閱讀技巧班,暑期數學班,升中四學習技巧班



-香港大學 專業進修學院 翻譯深造證書 (PG Cert. Translation)

-香港中文大學 社會科學學士 (BSSc., Hons, CUHK)

-LPAT (Paper 1-3 Attempted and Attained)
-HKDSE 英文5**; IELTS 8.0/9.0; 香港中學會考7A2B


CK also obtained 7As and 2Bs in HKCEE. He provides all-round tutoring services for junior form students.


Subjects in which he scored A/B include: 


Mathematics (Core and Additional)





Chinese History


With such a comprehensive range of knowledge, his junior form classes provide students with both knowledge and exam skills. His profound understanding of different subjects enables him to present whichever stimulate students' interest.

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