Fees & Enrollment Forms


S1-S3 Level

常規課程: $1050/4 Lessons (Each 1 hr 30 min)

由CK親自教授,涵蓋全科 (中國語文、普通話外),適合中文中學及英文中學



常規課程: $1,080/4 Lessons (Each 1 hr 30 min)

Plus free Oral Practices and Composition Marking

私人課堂: $250-500+/hour (From 1 hour 15 minutes per lesson) 

Oral Practice: $200/Practice (Free for Regular Course Students)

Composition Marking: $100/Composition (Free for Regular Course Students)

私人課堂試堂費用: $280-400 (1 小時)



Elective Classes


2人同行優惠價: $1080/4 lessons (1.5 hours/lesson)


Intensive Program | 2-3 lessons per week | 12 Lessons (1 hr 15 min)
A crash course covering all papers. Course work includes composition and speaking practices.


Fee: $1600/ 4 lessons (10% off for enrolling in 12 classes)

Business English
1-2 lessons per week | (1 hr 15 min)
Tailor-made classes for learner's individual needs. Kindly provide us with your need and we'll design a course for you.


Fee: $500/lesson (10% off for enrolling in 4 or more classes)