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Science Expert--Gibert. T.

Our chief science expert Gibert T. has long experience in coaching DSE/IB/IGCSE students.


In addition to teaching experience, he got three A*s in Edexcel IGCSE Science and Math, and brilliant results in A-Level Math and Science.


He graduated from the University of Hong Kong with MPhil (Major in Chemistry). He also has research and practical experience in the scientific field. In his teaching, Gibert incorporates both theory and research experience.

SA IB IGCSE AP. Science Tutoring by CK Education. Education Centre in Kowloon

Social Science Subjects--CK

Economics tutoring (IGCSE AP SAT IB) by CK Education. Education Centre in Kowloon

CK always considers an understanding of the Society an indispensible element in an all-rounded curriculum.


In addition to his SAT teaching experience, he provides Social Science curriculum based on individual needs.


He graduated from the Chinese University of Hong Kong with Bachelor of Social Science (Major in Politics). In public exams, CK attained top grades in a wide range of Social Science Subjects.


Social Science Subjects in HKCEE CK attained top grades: 

  • Economics

  • Geography

  • Chinese History

Courses CK attained A-range Grades at University:


Economics and Geography

  • Political Economy in Asia (B+)

  • ​Global Environmental Politics (B+)

  • Earth as seen from Space (B)


Tradition and Transformation in Chinese History (A-)

History of Qin-han China (B+)

Qing History (B+)

Government and Politics of China (A-)

History of Modern Southeast Asia (A-)

Chinese Culture and its Modernization (B+)

Taiwan Studies (B+)


Law and Society (A)

Introductory to Comparative Politics (A)

Government and Public Policy (A-)

Fundamentals of Government (A-)

Fundamentals of Public Administration (A-)

Electoral Studies (B+)

Globalisation and Politics (B+)

Civil Society Organisation (B+)

Demoncratization (B+)

Government of EU (B+)

CK teaches a range of Social Science Subject. CK Educaton offers privat tutorial sessions at different levels. Contactus for more infomation. CK Eduction, Education Centre in Kowloon
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